First we used the 28mm, it was small, then we tried the 32mm, it was big... so we created ours: 30mm, the perfect scale for our favorite dungeon.



Our figures are gray in color, this allows more details to be highlighted and allows for easier and faster priming. 


Resolution and Quality:

We always print at 0.04mm which, together with our fleet of 8K printers, we achieve unrivaled quality, superior to large companies.

Preparation times:

Our order preparation time is 2 to 3 weeks..

We are aware that our preparation times are long, but we have decided to prioritize the quality of our product over speed.

We pamper the production of each of our figures to achieve a product that meets your expectations and we carefully pack them to protect them during transport.

All of this is reminiscent of the experience of a child opening his Christmas present.

Shipping times and costs::

We have two shipping options for every need, cheap or express. 

Keep in mind that your order may be delayed due to tariffs in your country and these may generate an extra cost for you, we all have to pay taxes. 

The delivery time by the carrier also varies according to destination: 

Shipping costs
National 1€-10€ 11€-49€ >50€
Correos Paq 4,99€ 3,99€ 0,00€ 2-3 Días
Europe 1€-10€ 11€-59€ >60€
Correos Ligth 8,99€ 6,99€ 0,00€ 3-5 Días
DHL/UPS 19,99€ 19,99€ 19,99€ 2-3 Días
Rest of the world 1€-49€ 50€-149€ >150€
Postal Office 14,90€ 12,90€ NO 1-2 Semanas
DHL/UPS 26,99€ 23,99€ 13,99 5-7 Días

The secret of our success: exclusive resin

We work with a resin created in Europe exclusively for our figures.

The mix is perfect: it combines elasticity to minimize breakage with low viscosity to enjoy 8K resolution. 



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