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Heroes, all is not well on the Continent. The Kingdom of Camelot, once a shining beacon for all other kingdoms, has seen its light dim, and a creeping darkness begins to spread across the land. A malaise takes hold in King Arthur's court and clouds his judgment. Mordred, having returned from his failed quest to Transylvania, is rumored to wield a sword of unmatched power and harbors a burning desire for what he believes is rightfully his: the throne of Camelot. In the orc territories, movements of orcs and beasts have been spotted, with war parties said to be mobilizing once more. Shadows stir in the Darkwood. Signs of impending danger are becoming ever more evident throughout Camelot, and a looming catastrophe threatens us all. Brave Heroes, are you willing to journey to the Kingdom of Camelot and assist the noble and righteous King Arthur and my old friend Merlin? The horns echo throughout the halls, weapons are honed to razor sharpness in the forges, and the banners have been raised. Will you answer the call?



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